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Premier Home Inspection provides various environmental testing options. A mold air quality inspection tests the mold spore levels in and around your home. This inspection can be helpful to prove definitively that mold is growing in a home, especially in unseen areas. Mold is a substance that can not only harm the health of you and your loved ones but can also threaten the structural integrity of the home or building.

Wood is often used as a home’s structural support, and mold and fungus can grow on that wood if continually damp. Wood is a material that can be broken down in nature, so it is susceptible to various methods of decay. Some different types of fungi are attracted to a sugary substance in the wood called cellulose. Fungi will eat away at the cellulose in the wood, leaving you with weak and decaying lumber.

Aside from the effects mold and fungus can have on your home, they can also harm your health. Excessive mold spores in enclosed areas have been known to irritate the respiratory system. Mold spores can also exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms.

But wouldn’t you be able to tell if you had a mold problem?

Indeed, mold can often be found through visual inspection. However, there are also cases where mold can be hidden from view. For example, if you have a leaky or broken shower liner or a drip under the home that you don’t know about, you could be faced with an abundance of mold and mold spores.

At Premier Home Inspection, we recommend routine mold testing to see the concentration of mold spores in the air. If you want to book an appointment for mold air quality testing through Premier Home Inspection, please fill out our service request form.

Premier Home Inspection exists to serve God while serving others; providing excellent objective property inspections to ensure our clients will "Be Advised, Not Surprised!"

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