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Home Inspection

Whether you are selling or buying a house, our general home inspection ensures that your home is safe from structural damage, interior damage, and exterior damage. After an inspection, we will provide an in-depth report so that you can be aware of any issues or damages throughout your home. Our team is certified, licensed, and insured so that we can provide the best service possible.


At Premier Home Inspection, we employ certified, knowledgeable technicians to inspect various areas within and outside of the home. At the end of our inspection process, we provide our clients with a report of all items that need to be repaired or replaced. It is then the responsibility of the homeowner or prospective buyer to make those repairs or replacements. But, if you’re not a contractor, how do you know if all repairs or replacements were done correctly? Premier Home Inspection offers re-inspections. This follow-up inspection allows us to inspect all repairs that have been made after the initial inspection and before you close on a home. Everyone makes mistakes—we just want to ensure that none were made with your home repairs. A re-inspection provides an extra layer of accountability for those making the repairs and more peace of mind for the potential buyer.

Multiplex or Commercial Inspection

Our multiplex or commercial property inspections include a comprehensive, in-depth report of any defects found in buildings such as offices or warehouses. Our professionals look for issues in structural components, mechanical systems, electrical systems, plumbing, heating, roofing, and more. We are licensed to inspect commercial buildings for safety and fire protection, so we can ensure that your property is safe and secure from any issues that may arise.

Mold Air Quality Testing

Our mold air quality testing includes an evaluation to inspect for any signs of mold or harmful bacteria in the air throughout your home. Because mold spores are microscopic, they can infect the air inside your home without being detected, causing severe health issues, including allergies, headaches, and respiratory infections. Our mold air quality testing will ensure that you avoid mold infestation and the health issues that come with it.

Radon Testing

Radon is an invisible and odorless gas that can enter through cracks in your foundation or poorly sealed locations throughout your home. Radon is one of the leading causes of lung cancer, and exposure can be extremely dangerous to you and your family. We use professional equipment and technology to test for high levels of radon in your home, so you can ensure that your home, health, and family are protected.

Termite Inspection

Termites cost Americans over $5 billion in property damage each year, and some insurance companies will not cover the damages. Termite inspections are essential, so you can prevent an infestation and have the peace of mind that your home is secure. Our termite inspection includes a top-to-bottom search of your home to ensure that it is protected from termites.

Pool Inspection

Buying a house with a pool is a dream come true for many people. However, if this is your first time having a pool, you may not know the issues to look for when touring a home. Just because a pool has crystal clear blue water does not mean all parts of it are functioning correctly. When inspecting your pool, one of our licensed, experienced inspectors will check all pool systems, functions, and safety features, as well as the condition of the decking around the pool, whether it is concrete, wood, or another composite material. After the pool inspection is concluded, you will get a full report on what, if any, issues you have with your pool, as well as maintenance tips.

One-Year Builder Warranty Inspection

Home inspections are not just for older homes! If you’re buying a new build, you may not expect any issues with structure, plumbing, electrical, etc. However, as home inspectors, we know that even the most meticulous builders can make mistakes. That is why we provide builder warranty inspections—to inspect and check all of the major systems in your home covered under your particular builder’s warranty contract. Depending on your contract, any issues found in the one-year builder warranty inspection could be covered by your builder or construction company.


When buying a home, you may have an outbuilding or garage on your property that is not attached to the house’s main structure. Any structure not connected to the home’s main composition would require a separate outbuilding inspection. In an outbuilding inspection, our certified inspectors would inspect and test the structure’s functionality based on its purpose. For example, if the outbuilding happens to be a detached garage, our inspector would be sure to pay special attention to the function and safety of any garage doors, garage door openers, and any cracking that may have occurred on the concrete pad underneath.

Lead-based Paint

Lead-based paint is prohibited in homes today, was widely used in residential and commercial properties until the late 1970s. If disturbed, lead-based paint can be harmful to you or your family member’s respiratory system. Premier Home Inspection’s team of home inspectors is experienced in lead-based paint testing so you can have peace of mind in your new home—no matter the date of the home’s construction.

Airbnb/STR (Short-Term Rental)

Premier Home Inspection’s Airbnb, or short-term rental inspections, primarily focus on the safety of the building or structure being rented. In order to begin using your property as a short-term rental, you must qualify for Tennessee’s short-term rental property permit. Throughout the inspection, we ensure that your property complies with the Tennessee Code of Ordinances §6.28.030.A.5.b and §6.28.030.B.5.b. Beginning in March 2022, the state now requires that floor plans of potential short-term rentals must be certified by licensed architects, engineers, or home inspectors. In these inspections, we are required by the state to test for working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well as fire hydrants. We also examine doors and windows according to fire safety regulations and ensure the short-term rental follows all rental and city regulation codes. After inspecting your property, we will create a report that will be signed and certified by a licensed inspector, detailing the inspection results and the improvements that need to be made.

Premier Home Inspection exists to serve God while serving others; providing excellent objective property inspections to ensure our clients will "Be Advised, Not Surprised!"

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