Did you know that radon is the second leading cause of Lung Cancer? Middle Tennessee is a hot spot for radon, so it is essential to have your levels tested to ensure the safety of your friends and family. January is Radon Action Month and is used as a time to educate on the effects of radon gas and how we can prevent it from coming into our homes and businesses. 

What is Radon? 

Radon is an invisible, odorless gas that is emitted from the earth. Certain areas in the US have more radon than others, and Middle Tennessee happens to be a hot spot. You can find a map of where radon levels are highest at https://www.epa.gov/sites/default/files/2018-12/documents/radon-zones-map.pdf.

If you live in Middle Tennessee, getting the radon levels in your home checked is a good idea to avoid any unwanted consequences. 

Where is Radon in the Home? 

Radon is usually in the lower levels of the home, because it is emitted from the ground. That is why it is essential to have areas like basements checked because radon may be most concentrated there.

What can you do about radon? 

The first step to radon mitigation is to know how high the levels are in your home. There is a scale for what radon levels are tolerable and what are not. Premier Home Inspection provides radon testing through our environmental testing services. Once you know whether your radon levels are high, a mitigation company can install a system to rid your home of radon. 

Do you have questions about radon? Premier Home Inspection is here to assist you in radon testing, home inspection, mold air quality testing, water testing, multiplex or commercial inspection, and more. Please call us at (615) 481-7293 for more information, or you can schedule an appointment at https://premierinspectiontn.com/service-request/