At Premier Home Inspection, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive home inspections. Beyond the main residence, many homeowners have additional structures known as outbuildings. An often overlooked, yet crucial aspect of property inspection, is the outbuilding inspection.


What is an Outbuilding Inspection?

Outbuilding inspection assesses auxiliary structures on a property that aren’t attached to the main house. Just like your home, these structures require the same level of attention to ensure they’re safe and in good condition.

While our primary focus remains on your main home, for an additional cost, we can extend our services to inspect outbuildings on your property. This ensures a thorough check and peace of mind about every corner of your residence.

Examples of Outbuildings:

– Detached garages

– Guest houses or cottages

– Barns and stables

– Workshops or studios

– Greenhouses

– Pool houses

– Boathouses


Why is Outbuilding Inspection Important?

Safety First: Any structural issue or wear and tear can pose safety threats. An outbuilding inspection can identify these risks

Value Preservation: Maintaining outbuildings can contribute significantly to property value. An inspection can highlight maintenance needs

Functionality: Ensuring that outbuildings are in top condition means they’re more functional for whatever their intended use may be.

Future Costs: Addressing issues now can save significant repair costs in the future.

Peace of Mind: Knowing every part of your property has been thoroughly inspected allows you to rest easy.

Every part of your property plays a role in the overall health, safety, and the value of your residence. You can contact Premier Home Inspection about booking an outbuilding inspection at 615-481-7293 or fill out our service request form.